Watershed at BioIT 2024

Meet up with Watershed engineers at Booth #417 to learn how our bioinformatics solution is driving the next generation of scientific breakthroughs.

We are thrilled to attend the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston again in 2024! Come meet our engineering team at Booth #417 to talk about the latest challenges, opportunities, and innovations in bioinformatics and learn more about our platform.

Tzu-Chun (Angela) Hsieh.
Software Engineer

Jae Choi
Senior Product Designer

Rachel Tang
Software Engineer

Watershed offers a comprehensive solution for research teams working with big biological data, including:

Extensive compute power, optimized for bioinformatics
Customized expertise, tailored to your application
An advanced Workflow Engine with built-in templates
Data harmonization and integration
Batch compute and caching features
Seamless collaboration between wet and dry lab teams

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