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Experience the power of a dedicated computational core on one integrated platform, purpose-built for biology.

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Biocompute nexus for fast, flexible, accessible analytics.


Analytical tools powered by ultra-secure supercomputing resources for rapid, scalable innovation.


Strategic partners for every stage of your data analysis journey

Empowering every scientist

Focus on your next experiment – not setting up analysis pipelines and troubleshooting code.

  • Quickly obtain and iterate on results: Shorten compute time by orders of magnitude and avoid analysis bottlenecks.
  • Leverage plug-and-play workflows: Jump-start analyses with already-optimized templates for a variety of data types, including WGS, RNA-Seq, mass spectrometry, high content imaging, and much more.
  • Ensure consistent methodologies and reliable results: Keep everyone on the same page with built-in provenance tracking and data management features.
  • Get bioinformatics expertise when you need it: Work with our team as an extension of your own lab to develop custom workflows, interpret results, and more.

“I’m a cancer biologist, not a programmer. My lab generates multi-omics data, and Watershed’s template workflows let us generate basic insights with publication-quality figures immediately.”

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Srinivas Vinod Saladi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, Mass. Eye and Ear Institute

Leverage a dynamic workspace for building powerful, scalable analytical pipelines.

  • Access extensive computational resources: Run complex, large-scale analyses in record time without having to set up your own infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with experts on bespoke solutions: Develop workflows for a wide range of biological data, and access ready-to-use AI/ML tools like Geneformer and AlphaFold, with Ph.D.-level bioinformaticians that understand your needs.
  • Easily manage data and track analyses: Make sure your data, methodologies, and results are reliable and perpetually accessible.
  • Readily work with diverse data types: Avoid rigging your own solutions for each unique data type or analysis and build off of existing workflows.

"Watershed gave [biologists and bioinformaticians] at SynDevRx a common language. We can look together at the questions we’re asking of the data while examining the results. This helped us overcome the siloed thinking between biology and informatics endemic to this field."

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Pierre Dufour

Principal Data Scientist, SynDevRx

Rapidly hit project milestones with an experienced, agile bioinformatics partner.

  • Move quickly and beat competitors to market: Skip the labor- and time-intensive process of building, maintaining, and scaling up in-house workflows, infrastructure, and expertise.
  • Ensure compliance at every step: Have confidence in your results and methodologies – and make sure regulators, collaborators, and future team members can, too.
  • Successfully scale analyses with your team’s growth: Prevent data silos and enable collaboration and rapid innovation.
  • Protect sensitive information and IP: Retain control over your most valuable assets, while leaving data management and security to us.

"[Watershed has] really been an extension of our team. We couldn’t have accomplished what we have so far without a skilled, knowledgeable, and flexible partner – and of course their infrastructure and computational power were a prerequisite."

Bruce Beutel, Ph.D.

CEO, Passkey Therapeutics

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