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Science Chat with Dr. Alisa Vershinina

Dr. Alisa Vershinina is a Senior Scientist in Bioinformatics at SalioGen Therapeutics. We spoke to Dr. Vershinina about her fascinating background in paleogenomics and her journey from entomology in Russia to biotech in the U.S.
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Science Chat with Dr. Paola Moreno-Roman

In our new Science Chat, we speak to professor and STEM outreach expert Dr. Paola Moreno-Roman about how her communities in both her native Peru and the U.S. shaped her research career & advocacy work.
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CPTAC and the Impact of Proteogenomics on Cancer Research

By applying novel proteogenomic data analysis tools to datasets like the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC), researchers are rapidly advancing our understanding of cancer.
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Science Chat with Dr. Mallori Upshaw

Dr. Mallori Upshaw is the Director of Business Insights and Strategy at AstraZeneca, focusing on COVID-19 vaccines and immunotherapies. We spoke with Dr. Upshaw about her unique scientific journey and her experiences as a Black woman in STEM.
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