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Silvin Golumbeanu & Andrew Wight, Ph.D.,

Geneformer: Powering Drug Target Discovery with Network Biology

Geneformer is a tool developed by Theodoris et al. (Nature 2023) to predict tissue-specific gene network dynamics from single-cell transcriptomic data.
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Naba Naufer, Ph.D.

AlphaFold: Applications for Biomedical Research

AlphaFold2 predictions have been used to probe questions at the heart of biomedical research, like how to design superior drugs, and how protein structure impacts disease.
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Silvin Golumbeanu

Nobel Prize Day 2023: The Road to mRNA Vaccines

Drs. Karikó and Weissman’s research into mRNA and the immune system enabled the rapid development of vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
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Argus Athanas, Ph.D.

Using gnomAD to Drive Insights in Precision Medicine

The Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD) is a collaborative effort to make data from large-scale sequencing projects publicly available for scientific use. Learn how to leverage the latest updates to the database, including new data from more than 700k individuals.
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Stefanie Morgan, Ph.D.

Leveraging Public Datasets for Drug Discovery

The amount of public biological data available to researchers has exploded – but garnering insights requires appropriate infrastructure, expertise, and resources.
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Stefanie Morgan, Ph.D.

Cell Painting with Watershed

The JUMP-Cell Painting Consortium combines images from nearly 120,000 chemical and 18,000 genetic perturbations with high-dimensional data analytics to streamline the drug discovery process.
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Tommy Tang, Ph.D.

Variant Calling for Disease-Causing Mutations: The state-of-art process

Explore important considerations for effective and accurate variant calling in WGS/WES data.
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Tommy Tang, Ph.D.

Unlock the Power of Genomics Data Analysis: Watershed's Seamless Cloud Computing Solution

Dr. Tommy Tang reviews the challenges with cloud computing in biotech, with an emphasis on concerns facing startups.
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Watershed Informatics: The First Omics Bench for Modern Researchers

Watershed was founded to empower the world’s scientists to transform today’s big data into tomorrow’s precision medicines.
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The Future of Human Gene Editing

Coming on 3/7, Watershed has the honor of hosting a webinar by groundbreaking genetics researcher Nancy L. Craig.
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The Winding Journey from Multi-Omics to Insight

Today’s modern R&D team needs to transform multi-omics data into actionable insights. What does the process look like today, and what can it look like with Watershed?
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January 29, 2024

New Automation Features for Streamlined Data Processing and Analysis

Our new workflow automation features help you accelerate high-volume data processing from upload to output.
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December 29, 2023

Watershed's 2023 Year In Review

From closing Series A to processing over a petabyte of data, 2023 was a pivotal year in Watershed's growth. Check out this collection of some of our top highlights from this year.
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April 9, 2023

Watershed Secures $14.5M Series A to Help Scientists Unlock Multi-Omic Insights for Drug Discovery

Financing will accelerate commercial roll-out of the company's cloud-based platform that provides a unified workspace for data-intensive biomedical research accessible by both biologists and bioinformaticians
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Accelerating Multi-omics Analysis

Download our white paper to learn how Watershed is revolutionizing the use of big data in biology.
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How Violet Therapeutics Scaled Their Target Discovery Platform with Watershed

Violet Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage company leveraging their first-in-class platform, based on RABID-seq technology, to map and mine the cellular connectome at scale.
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Building an Innovative Drug Discovery Platform with Watershed

Learn how a pre-clinical stage company is using Watershed to develop a novel approach to small molecule drug discovery.
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