Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I get started with Watershed?

Email, text, or schedule a demo with us today! We are always happy to show you our platform live and answer any specific questions you might have. And if you’re in the Boston area, we’d love to grab a coffee and talk about your data!

Where is Watershed located?

We are headquartered in Cambridge, MA but have employees across the country.

How much does Watershed cost?

Plans are custom built for each user, because no two companies have exactly the same needs. But qualifying groups can get started for as little as the cost of a primary antibody!

Are there any case studies or success stories of Watershed’s impact for companies like mine?

Yes! Check out our Resources Page to read our latest case studies and testimonials from our current customers.

What does Watershed specialize in?

We host a wide array of biological data on our platform, with current customers in RNA therapeutics, proteomics, immunology, cancer biology, computer science, gene editing, data mining, drug discovery, and many more. Additionally, our scientists hold PhDs in a broad array of biological subjects and fields, so they’ve got you covered no matter what your scientific question.

Who works at Watershed?

Experts across all domains! We have PhD-level biologists, bioinformaticians, & computational biologists, many talented engineers, and outstanding operation & commercial staff.

What sets your platform apart from others on the market?

Our biggest differentiator is our platform’s versatility. We have a solution for all members of the lab - from non-coding wet lab scientists to code-savvy bioinformaticians and all those in between. Our notebooks are designed for collaborative, streamlined analysis of large biological data within and between groups with differing levels of expertise, and can easily be edited to adapt to your evolving needs.

What is Alphafold2? Can I use it on Watershed?

Alphafold is an AI system that intelligently predicts the 3D structure of an amino acid sequence. Watershed scientists and customers alike have had a lot of fun exploring this and other deep learning algorithms within the platform.

Can I integrate your platform with other tools or systems?

We have active integrations with Benchling, host RStudio, proteomics software, and a number of other custom applications. We are always interested in exploring new integrations!

Is my data secure on your platform?

Very! Our CEO & founder comes from quantitative finance and built the platform security from his deep expertise in protecting large sums of money. He thought the same security rigor should be applied to biological data, and thus, Watershed was born.

Do you offer training and support for your users?

Yes. In addition to onboarding training included with your subscription, we offer hourly support from our expert bioinformaticians. We can be as passive or as active as your lab sees fit.

Is your platform suitable for both academia and industry?

Absolutely - labs of any size and with any amount of data can benefit from our collaborative platform. Ask us about our special pricing options for startup labs and academia.

What types of biological data do you work with?

If it's data from a biological experiment, we can host it! A few examples include: fastqs, mzMLs, BAMs, BEDs, etc. - but the possibilities are vast. 

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