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"I'm a cancer biologist, not a programmer. My lab generates multi-omics data, and Watershed's template workflows let us generate basic insights with publication-quality figures immediately."
Srinivas Vinod Saladi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, Mass. Eye and Ear Institute
No coding experience
"Even with the little coding experience we had, we were able to implement several new workflows and make iterative improvements within 1-2 months with Watershed. Their bioinformatics team helped us bridge the gap … We have confidence that this is the solution that will grow with us."
Oleg Iartchouk, Ph.D.
VP Biomarkers and Genomics, SalioGen Therapeutics
Some coding experience
"Watershed gave [biologists and bioinformaticians] at SynDevRx a common language. We can look together at the questions we’re asking of the data while examining the results. This helped us overcome the siloed thinking between biology and informatics endemic to this field."
Pierre Dufour
Principal Data Scientist, SynDevRx
Expert programmer
"The Watershed team is fine-tuned to our needs – they’re not just a service provider, but an active partner. By taking advantage of the infrastructure and data science expertise that Watershed has already built, we can focus on our innovative discovery efforts."
Dilip Chinnappa Kodira
VP Platforms and Analytics, Violet Therapeutics
Expert programmer

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A privately-held biotechnology company is developing a new category of gene therapies.
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