New Automation Features for Streamlined Data Processing and Analysis

January 29, 2024
Silvin Golumbeanu
Senior Marketing Manager, Watershed Bio

We’re excited to announce that workflow automation is now available across the Watershed platform. With a variety of new features to automate routine job management, you can accelerate high-volume data processing from upload to output with minimal intervention. The Watershed platform now allows you to:

  • Use a simple configuration file to define workflows and set specific settings with each run
  • Turn a Notebook into a parameterized workflow template
  • Automatically kick off your parameterized workflow when the Workflow Engine detects new files
  • Use the workflow output to automatically generate a new Notebook with user-configurable plots in your designated project environment

These features enable you to easily prepare repetitive or customized sequencing workflows before analysis, reducing analytical throughput from days to hours, and saving dozens of hours of informatics time.

If you have questions about implementing these features, or want to try out the Watershed platform for yourself, please feel free to contact us at